Where To Start When Looking For The Best Casinos For Americans

A lot has been written about the legalities surrounding online gaming for U.S. citizens, so much so that when looking for the best casinos for Americans here at bestcasinosnet.com website, some players are even a little wary that if they open an account with a casino and want to withdraw winnings that they might get laughed at in the face and told they're not entitled to any winnings as it's against American law.

It should be made clear and understood that this certainly is not the case. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, otherwise known as UIGEA for short which was introduced in 2006, was specifically targeted at U.S. online casinos and not at the individual players and play online slots game. It is probably fair to say that this is probably part of a master plan by the Government that will play out over the next few years as more and more states are preparing to allow licensed online casino operators to set up business to service residential players.

At present, only three states allow online gaming for their residents namely Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey. What does this mean to the player who is looking for the best casinos for Americans to play, if they don't live in one of those states? It just means doing a little bit of research just like they normally would when looking at something new, there are also specific casinos for Canadians. The most important thing that should be considered is an online casinos' reputation. Having established that it's ok to play online poker for example, without getting locked up and the keys thrown away, the first step would be to establish the operators' credibility and the fact that they are fully regulated and licensed in their country of operation.

The largest operators in the industry will gladly toot their own horn and regularly promote how great they are. If they can boast a large base of satisfied players, and depositing and withdrawal of funds is on solid ground, with established payment processors, that's great! Now it's time to look at the great bonuses on offer then and play roullete game online. After all, what player wouldn't want to hit the ground running with some free cash?